Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Lawn Tennis

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that college is the greatest gift for town boys like me when it comes to learning the breadth of making most of time. I started playing LT in my graduation year with my best friend who'd graduated an year before. Although the first couple of months were like uphill it's been an absolute pleasure ever since. I've started following the sport, watching videos and going to a nearby club on weekends since I'm out of college. Over time I've become better and though I'm still learning, you can count me in for a decent game anytime.

I play with a Head L4 630sqcm/98sqin racquet which can be recommended for beginners. If you're a beginner and still got some fire here's some dilettante advice

1. Get a trainer so you can get the foremost parts correct. These are:
  • Basics - Posture, Swing, Racquet grip, primary manoeuvres and exercises.
  • Temperament - The understanding of following the ball and the opponent's racquet and getting in position before the ball arrives. Technique, Patience and Consistency are key to the sport.
2. Find a place nearby where you can play independently and also get a friend who plays. Helps big time.
3. Learn from the best - watch instructional and match videos over the web to supplement your understanding.

To keep the sport alive in my getting faster, busier and messier life I plan to keep a journal of all I learn, follow and do with the game. This section hopefully, will keep humming with tennis videos, my recordings, and updates about players like Serena Williams and Rafa Nadal. Let's see.

I like Rafa and Serena for the vigour they play with. For instance the shouts they let out with the shots make the battle real for me. 

All in for Nadal


BTW Nadal will be back in play only in January after his appendix heals up and Serena is already World No 1 after the recent WTA win.
Keep me posted with feedback and comments. I'll be back

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